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Reenergize Your Workspace

Casco’s amazing team of designers, project managers and contractors has spent an entire year doing R&D on developing trends in office spaces and we’re ready to help California businesses upgrade and re-energize their spaces.

“It’s time to make the New Normal better than the Old Normal. It’s time to reenergize your workspace so your team can focus, collaborate and create. We’re so excited to help you make it happen.”

— Cheryl Osborn, CEO Casco Contractors


We’re Focusing on 3 Key Areas

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Your Workspace

We want to help you make your existing indoor office space as safe, functional and inspiring as possible. We want everyone to feel excited to come back into the office.

Areas of Focus Include:


  • Analyze your existing space for health, safety and functionality and offer recommendations for immediate upgrades


  • Identify and assist with larger projects, including capital improvements, that need building and electrical permits



  • Update your conference rooms and technology to ensure you have confidence and flexibility for in-person and virtual meetings


Reenergize Your
Outdoor Space

COVID-19 forced businesses of every kind to reconsider their outdoor space. Like restaurants and gyms, offices have found innovative ways to take their work outdoors. We can help turn your rooftops, patios and even parking lots into functional, inspiring spaces for your team to work.


We’ll review your space and create exciting, innovative ways to transform it into a favorite spot for your team. From assessment to design to construction and completion, we’ll help make those spaces a vital part of your work environment.

Areas of Focus Include:

  • Selection of comfortable, weather-proof, durable furniture

  • Ensuring state-of-art technology (WIFI, AV, etc.)

  • Power supply, including any permits

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Reenergize with
EV Charging Stations

Casco Contractors and Design Studio is Southern California’s go-to partner for all your EV charging station needs. Our team of experts begin each engagement with a comprehensive location assessment, then quickly design and install the perfect charging station to fit your unique needs. We manage every step of the process from planning to permitting to plugging in.

Explore our EV Charging Station Playbook:

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