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Casco’s #BackToWork Upgrades Help Medical Team Keep Working During COVID-19 

Inari Medical, a medical device company, recently brought in the Casco Contractors + Design Studio team to help make their Irvine offices safer and healthier in our new social distancing world.

“The Inari team is doing life-saving work with blood clots. They brought us on board to ensure their team could continue to work while following new safety protocols.”

— Cheryl Osborn, CEO and Founder Casco Contractors

The Casco team did a complete Six-Point Back-to-Work assessment then dove into updating the offices so the Inari team never missed a beat.

“We pulled in both our contractors and our design team, so that all of the upgrades complied with new regulations and best practices, while also being aesthetically pleasing and functional,” Osborn says.  

Activities Included

Rearrange workstations to meet social distancing measures

Install plexiglass shields in open areas where appropriate

Create directional signage for efficient human traffic flow and social distancing

Organize a plan for training employees on renewed safety protocols

Modernize breakrooms with less density and more space between people

Analyze and update conference rooms, reducing maximum occupancy


"Casco was a great partner in reconfiguring the workspace so our employees stay safe. The redesign was absolutely invaluable for us.”

— Paul Koehn, Inari’s VP of Operations

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