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A Safe and Healthy Re-Entry to Work

Spring typically signifies renewal and transformation.

Spring 2020, however, will be remembered for the mass shelter-in-place orders created to prevent the spread of COVID-19, forever changing the way we live, work and play.

Routines have been uprooted requiring business leaders to rethink what defines success and employee safety. Welcome the re-entry dilemma. Businesses must now adapt to a new normal, creating safe and healthy environments in all the places we gather.

California needs your company to be ready to get back to business, reboot the economy and provide much-needed jobs, and your employees need a safe and healthy workspace for their well-being and optimum performance. In fact, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently included redrawing business floor plans as part of his Six-Point Guide to Help Reopen California.

Businesses can start preparing now for an effective re-entry when your community allows. Though California is currently in shelter-in-place, upgrades can be made during this time to make the return to work safer. A comprehensive assessment of your existing workspace will identify at-risk areas, evaluate density and furniture layout, and provide recommendations for a productive work-from-home program.

“We’re working with businesses to ensure their workplace is ready for a post shelter-in-place world so we can all get back to work,” says Casco CEO and founder Cheryl Osborn.

Small steps can lead to big benefits, such as:

  • Simple and instantaneous improvements like hand sanitizing stations, touchless faucets and automatic door openers can help stop germs in their tracks.

  • Remodeled workstations and conference rooms support socializing and collaborating at a safe distance.

  • Enhanced virtual connectivity strengthens capabilities for remote work.

  • More ambitious projects involving capital improvements can be completed more easily when offices are empty.

Your valued employees will eventually return to work. Honor them by implementing modifications that encourage optimum physical and mental wellness. If you need help, Casco’s team of contractors and designers can walk you through the process to retrofit, reorganize and reenergize your space.

Let’s get to work!


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