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Casco: Your Public Facilities Partner

Best-in-class workplace upgrades—whether for private offices or public facilities—call for relentless attention to detail and expertise.

Casco Contractors and Casco Design Studio follow protocols for accomplishing every project efficiently and effectively. Our design and construction teams are housed under the same roof, creating a streamlined one-stop-shop approach to the benefit of our clients.

Government-related work requires strategically navigating through layers of bureaucracy and obtaining numerous approvals from various departments. This feat can quickly become exhausting and inefficient — resulting in delays and driving up costs. Our deep government procedural knowledge, coupled with more than 20 years of contracting experience, makes Casco the perfect match for your Public Facilities job.

Our team strives to create a win-win for all parties. We are consummate team players and serve as mediators between government authorities, department heads, building owners and consultants. Together, we strive to create stakeholder alignment, build trust and deliver superior results.

Casco’s effective coordination gets the job done. We work with California’s Division of the State Architect (DSA) to understand all criteria and pricing for a new project, from demolition and rebuild to basic redesign and office improvement. Our team of experts transforms the DSA’s general plan into a full-scale set of construction documents. Building standards are updated as needed and presented to the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Sacramento.

Initial plan review takes a minimum of six weeks, although, the total approval process may take up to six months. City departments first approve plans, followed by the State Fire Marshal’s approval. No public project can move forward without a State of California permit. Casco understands essential regulations and knows how to complete the job as swiftly as possible.

Casco’s crew stays in constant communication with government representatives for every project, large or small, expediting reviews and approvals. Our onsite team participates in essential meetings and evaluates all submittals and Request for Information documents. If original DSA space plans need revisions to accommodate local jurisdiction codes, we ensure all standards are appropriately satisfied, meeting the requirements of the city, county, and state as well as the building landlord.

A part of the approval process requires that the DSA provides a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) report; Casco guarantees all construction and design complies with accessibility codes and ADA requirements. Heating, ventilating and cooling systems are modernized as appropriate. Electrical frameworks are structured as outlined by the DSA. Exterior elements can be renewed if necessary—including parking, paving, EV charging stations and gated garages.

No detail is overlooked. We refine finishes based on specific criteria for every facility—meeting LEED ratings and desired price points—selecting carpet, paint, tile, hardware, light fixtures, ceiling grids, privacy film, bulletproof glass and more. In addition, Casco promises high security components for our government clients. We have design-built spaces (courtrooms, evidence rooms, judges’ offices, communal break rooms) with fingerprint identity access, security alarm keypads, cameras and protective ceiling and sidewall fencing to prevent break-ins and theft.

Whether a governmental agency is opening a new office, moving locations, renovating for code, accommodating social distancing spaces or simply improving form and function, Casco’s Design + Build approach is the most efficient and cost effective choice. We understand the importance of doing things right the first time and are committed to our clients’ satisfaction.

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