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Chip 1 Exchange: A Revolution in Workplace Design

At Casco Design Studio, our mission is to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments that exceed our client's objectives. Our recent collaboration with Chip 1 Exchange, a national supply chain partner for electronic components, is a testament to this commitment. Chip 1 Exchange sought a modern office that prioritized employee well-being, fostered collaboration, and embraced their brand identity, and we were thrilled to bring their vision to life.

reception desk

The Details

Location: Irvine, CA

Project Type: Creative Office, Design-Build

Project Size: 9,900 SF

Enhancing Employee Well-being

Recognizing the need for a workplace that resonates with employees, we introduced novel amenities that go beyond the norm. From a fully equipped workout room to a speakeasy-style game room, employees have the convenience to exercise, recharge, and unwind. With over half of the first floor dedicated to employee amenities, we showcased or client's priority on the well-being of their workforce, contributing to improved job satisfaction and overall morale.

open work area

Fostering Collaborative Interactions

To promote collaboration, we strategically incorporated breakout areas throughout the office space. Open workstation areas, along with flexible meeting rooms, encourage collaboration and in-office participation, fostering a sense of community among employees.

office zoom pod rooms

Elevating Workplace Design While Embracing Brand Identity

The client wanted an inviting and homey feel to their office environment. We selected furniture and design elements with residential qualities, like textured fabrics and furniture featuring built-in shelves, evoking a comfortable atmosphere. Innovative brand integration strategies, such as logo-engraved wall paneling and Chip 1 green stair lining, reinforce Chip 1 Exchange's brand identity throughout the space.

workplace gym

Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Collaboration

As a design-build, collaboration between construction, our vendors, and the client was at the heart of this project. Together, we prioritized Chip 1 Exchange's objectives while delivering outstanding results that exceeded their expectations. Additionally, sustainability was a core focus, with the use of environmentally friendly materials and design elements that align with Chip 1 Exchange's commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The Chip 1 Exchange project signifies a new era in workplace design, embodying Chip 1's vision and our unwavering commitment to fostering a well-being, collaboration, and forward-thinking design solutions. Through meticulous planning, collaborative, and a resolute dedication to sustainability, Casco Design Studio has crafted a workplace that not only meets Chip 1's current needs, but also anticipates future demands. Chip 1 Exchange transcends the traditional notion of a workplace; it serves as a testament to the transformative power of design in enriching lives and enhancing experiences.

About Casco Design Studio

Casco Design Studio is an innovative design fir, committed to creating beautiful, high-functioning commercial spaces for companies throughout Southern California. Through our client-centric approach, we combine deep industry experience, intentional design, and consistent communications to ensure the highest level of quality and service, from start to finish. We commit to providing customized, design-forward solutions and build trust with every project. Learn more about Casco Design Studio.

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