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Commercial Design Trends for 2023

As we dig into 2023, the Casco Design Studio Team has been closely monitoring the trends that will shape this year. In Southern California, hybrid work continues to be a big factor, with many companies allowing employees to work from home a few days a week.

This has changed the way we view the places where we work, and growth-focused organizations are finding innovative ways to make coming into the office feel like a perk.

Here are four trends we expect to drive commercial design in 2023:

Design for Health and Wellbeing

With the ongoing talent shortage, employee satisfaction and engagement play key roles in retention and employee acquisition. A healthy, inspiring office that promotes wellbeing, creativity and community can make all the difference. It can also contribute to productivity and engagement.

We’re seeing lots of innovation in this area, including:

  • Increase in the use of biophilic design — a design approach that brings nature into the workspace by incorporating plants, trees, rocks and other elements. It’s said to reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve overall health.

  • Add more natural light with skylights and large windows.

  • Make the office feel more like home with “resimercial design.” This includes creation of comfy meeting areas with sofas, lamps and softer furniture, welcoming cafes, relaxation rooms, and other ways to make an office warmer and more inviting.

  • Convert outdoor spaces to attractive spaces for collaboration and connection.

Integration of More Color

We expect many companies to move away from the traditional all-neutral tones and minimalist design. We’re seeing more and more teams embrace vibrant energetic color schemes that promote creativity and engagement. Watch for more colorful furniture, artwork and even paint choice to brighten up the workspace.

Rethinking Collaborative Space

Many companies have shifted their office space needs with the embrace of hybrid work schedules. We are now seeing a shift again as more of our clients are putting an emphasis on in-person collaboration and wanting a welcoming space to bring their employees back to the office more regularly.

While many are evaluating space for efficiency and calling for more flexible, open work areas, this brings challenges with office acoustics and occupancy code requirements. Our team of experts can help you break through the traditional dense desk configuration in favor of a more collaborative layout, all while understanding and adhering to the latest code requirements.

Offering EV Amenities

More and more companies are adding onsite EV Charging Stations to their workspace as a way to signal their commitment to sustainability and as a great perk for new and future employees.

As our Director of EV Operation Matt Moser said, “It’s just good business. People want to work for companies that “walk the talk” when it comes to caring about the environment. It’s also a great perk for employee retention and attracting new hires. With so many car companies shifting to electric, having on-site EV charging stations is going to be expected for virtually every business eventually.”

Ready to upgrade your space or want to discuss any of these trends? Our Design Studio team would love to hear from you.


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