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Using a Design-Build Approach to Create Spaces That Inspire

In the world of general contracting and tenant improvement, design and construction have always been kept separate. But Casco broke free of that paradigm when it created its in-house design studio that works alongside the build team every step of the way.

Case-in-point: IHI Power Services, a service provider to the power generation industry, hired Casco Contractors to construct their new office space. Casco’s Design-Build Team worked seamlessly towards a common goal of vision and execution. The result is an extraordinary indoor workplace that integrates outdoor material the IHI team works with daily—rustic stick wood, metal, glass, raw concrete and unique tiles with a vintage warehouse window character.

“Our office was 25 years old. Having a new workplace with common, open spaces is a huge improvement for us,” said Scott Degeeter, IHI Power Services VP Operations. “I never would have imagined it could look so good. Casco has been fantastic!”

Casco Contractors is one of the only companies in Southern California where design and construction are housed under one roof. A one-stop-shop approach simplifies the entire process—from initial plans to final construction. Working as one team reduces confusion and enhances clear communication for dynamic results.

Benefits for clients include:

Cost efficiencies: Designers and builders collaborate to define and meet budgets, allowing realistic pricing up-front. The team works together to create the best-possible solution at the best price.

Time savings: Decisions are made collectively from the start. There is no need to revisit the drawing board—the construction team shares beneficial insights that inform the design phase. Ongoing communication and planning between the teams from day one eliminates delays common in traditional build plans.

Centralized work: One contract, a single primary contact person, and a united team working towards the goal—no errors or change orders (unless requested by a client). Projects move along more quickly and run more efficiently.

“The IHI project had a unique space, a limited budget and was a niche client,” said Casco CEO Cheryl Osborn. “Our team knocked it out of the park.”

Ready to renew your office space? Casco’s Design-Build experts can help you bring your vision to life. Get started.


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