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Reengage Employees and Attract Top Talent with an Office Oasis

Stunning rooftop views and cozy nooks on the veranda. Gentle fresh air breezes and lush greenery thriving in natural light. What sounds like a post-COVID vacation is the new “office oasis” — a term not so far-fetched in 2021. While COVID-19 spurred significant modifications to workspace design and dynamics, some trends are enhancing employee wellness and providing incentives that lure top talent.

The recent pandemic highlighted what many of us already knew: Fresh air and Vitamin D are good for the body and soul. But what many companies are now incorporating into re-opening plans are social distancing policies and guidelines that re-invent outdoor areas as workspace.

“Connecting with nature and the natural environment increases wellness and productivity,” says Casco CEO Cheryl Osborn. “In commercial office space, it promotes a holistic approach to company culture and can be an incentive that sets your business apart, especially when acquiring top talent in the competitive 2021-2022 re-opening landscape.”

As more and more universities move instruction outside and gyms offer fresh-air bootcamps and classes, offices are also ditching the fluorescent lights for sunshine and outdoor space. But for some building owners/operators and property managers incorporating nature into the workspace may sound daunting. They question if there’s enough room to bring natural elements into manufactured spaces, whether budgets can accommodate nature-inspired elements, or if occupants and tenants will embrace the New Normal of design.

The short answer is “Yes!” to all three.

Cost-Saving Benefits of Biophilic Design

An easy way to incorporate nature into the workplace is through biophilic design. Biophilia in real estate, at its essence, means bringing lots of plants indoors. As reported by Terrapin Bright Green, biophilic design can help organizations save money by reducing employee stress, boosting productivity and lowering energy costs. The paper outlines several cost-effective ways to design with nature.

Improving Company Culture

Will employees embrace nature-inspired workspace? You bet. The truth is that many forward-thinking companies began infusing the outdoors into offices years ago — with significant ROI. Google, United Airlines, Etsy, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are just a few that boast mesmerizing office oases.

Designing an Agile Office Oasis

Whether you’re ready to bring the outdoors inside or want to maximize unused rooftop space, Casco’s Exterior Design and Build Team can enhance any office, regardless of size. Learn more about how Casco bridges natural environments with manufactured spaces and configures outdoor space through resimercial design.


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