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Your Building is Your Brand: How to Select the Perfect Space

When it comes to business, your building is the heart and soul of operations, the engine for employee productivity, and the inspiration behind workplace satisfaction. It’s your headquarters for innovation and your client’s first impression. It’s your brand.

Finding the perfect piece of real estate is critical to your success, but oftentimes the site selection process is stressful and time consuming. Traditional site selection methods involve multiple, disparate vendors from different companies which lengthens the process and drives up cost.

Casco Contractors has shattered that paradigm, bringing together design and construction under one roof to expedite the process, alleviate stress and save money.

One Team Saves Money, Time and Frustration

Casco’s one-stop-shop includes in-house architects, general contractors, construction managers, and interior designers all working on the same team — your team. Following a Design + Build process, instead of a Design-Bid-Build process, Casco saves a month of time traditionally spent working with four different contractors during bidding wars.

“Centralized work is a big win,” said Casco Director of Design Services Lisa Luttrell, CID, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C. “Some people get nervous with the idea of putting all their eggs in one basket when it is actually more bang for the buck. One team cuts time and adds savings.”

As a cohesive team, Casco construction professionals look at site selection with a different pair of eyes than its design team, Luttrell explained. “We collaborate from day 1 to find those value engineering tools and tips. We ensure the permit process and codes are discussed before a building is purchased — a step that’s often missed when you seek an architect and then bid with different general contractors,” she said. “Casco even streamlines the deliverables for the landlord and for bank loans, which helps our clients deliver on financials and necessary paperwork much more quickly.”

Before signing a lease, Casco also helps clients negotiate any code work that might need updating and external building improvements such as pathways and parking lots. “We help educate the client on issues they might not be aware of. This undoubtably saves our clients headache and money.”

Site Selection Case Study

Casco also helps clients compare properties to find the right fit. OnCall IT, an IT managed service provider in Irvine, California, began working with the Casco team in 2020 and was well into the building ownership process when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, halting all work. When restrictions lifted this year and the process resumed, the building was no longer available.

Identifying six new opportunities, Casco Construction and Design Teams, walked each property with OnCall IT. Focusing on budget and design requirements, Casco helped the company quickly narrow its options and select the best building for long-term investment. They found a space that required minimal construction work, offered optimal layout, and already met current Building Codes for permit approval.

“Partnered with Casco, we made a quick and efficient offer on a building with confidence that our new offices would be exactly what we wanted and within our budget,” said President Kirk Paulsen.

Looking for a new property, reenergizing your current space, or building from scratch? Casco can help.

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