Stephanie McCormick

Make-A-Wish Orange County, President & Founder

"We found Casco Design Studio to be very responsive to our needs in that they were able to translate the requests we had for our new space into beautifully executed designs that were able to capture the atmosphere that we required in our new office."

Lisa L. Miller

Sentinel Development, Sr. VP of Property Services

"Casco is an honest, thorough and trustworthy company. In my 20+ years of experience in commercial real estate, punch walks after a TI project are usually lengthy, time consuming and tedious. Casco has minimal to no items, which is almost unheard of in my experience."

Scott DeGeeter

IHI Power Services Corp. – Aliso Viejo, CA, VP Operations

“I never would have imagined it could look so good. Casco has been fantastic! Being able to see something from an architect in a drawing and finishes and pivot to construction and the final product and have it be seamless with no conflicts between a designer and a general contractor was hugely helpful to us.”

Paul Koehn

Inari Medical – Irvine, CA, VP Operations

“Casco has now been a key partner for us in re-configuring our workspace so as we come back to work, we can make sure our people are staying just as safe even though they are getting the work done. Having Casco help us with getting back to work safely, not just with the design, but also revising the layout of the space at the same time has been high and valuable for us.”

Margaret Bayston

Laura’s House – Aliso Viejo, CA, CEO/Executive Director

“Our partnership with Casco has allowed us to update and expand our facilities to better serve the nearly 1 million residents of Orange County.  Their construction expertise combined with the talents of their design team have created a safe, confidential and welcoming space for some of Orange County’s most vulnerable families.”

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